Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

The Benefits of a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan

Getting approved for a loan often means you have the funding you need to buy property, improve the property you own, refinance, or consolidate debt. When you want to avoid hours of paperwork before qualifying for a working capital loan or if your credit score hasn’t reached the level you’d like, a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate loan through Quick Easy Lending may be the tool you need.

An Alternative to Traditional Loans

When your credit history needs some work, it is often necessary to find an alternative to traditional loans, and approval for a stated income commercial real estate loan is more dependent upon the value of the real estate than on your credit history. Additionally, the stated income loan application is often processed more quickly than traditional loans because the paperwork load is lighter.

Appropriate for Most Property Types

This commercial real estate loan is appropriate for ventures such as apartments, restaurants, warehouses, and similar types of real estate. Approval for the loan is based on the property value rather than on your credit score (which may be as low as 600); the property value must simply exceed the total of mortgage costs, taxes, and the loan insurance.

Beneficial for Many Reasons

In addition to these benefits, a stated income real estate loan through Quick Easy Lending offers some great features:

  • Approval is gained for nearly all types of property.
  • Funds can be used for renovations, new purchases, debt consolidation, and refinancing.
  • Rates are fixed for 25-year amortized loans.
  • Loan amounts can be as much as $500,000.
  • Loan-to-value availability can be up to 65% for qualifying properties, 70% for investment properties, and 75% for multifamily and mixed-use properties.

Naturally, a healthy credit score can improve the terms of the loan, and necessary documentation may include W-2 forms or proof of self-employment. With your paperwork in hand, your loan could get approved and fully processed within a few weeks.

Available Through Quick Easy Lending Experts

Contact Quick Easy Lending to learn more about the benefits of our stated income commercial real estate loans. One of our experts will offer more information about the loan and help you decide whether it is appropriate for your project.