How To Get a Merchant Cash Advance

Being in business sometimes means you need extra money. You might need the funds for new equipment, marketing, or help through a slow time. There are many ways to get funds for your business, like loans. A merchant cash advance is one-way business owners can get money to help them run their business or stay open. While obtaining this type of loan is similar to any other loan, there are some differences. Here is how to get a cash advance as a business owner.

Determine If It Is Right For Your Business

This type of loan is not for every business. A merchant cash advance could be an option if your company has strong sales daily. It is not like a traditional loan and does not require a lot of paperwork. You can also have your money within 24 hours. This feature is a benefit to business owners who need cash quickly. The requirements are also flexible, making a cash advance attractive to business owners that cannot qualify for traditional loans.

However, there are some things to keep in mind. A business cash advance can be expensive and have high APRs. There is also the fact that your repayments a frequent and taken from your incoming sales. It can be challenging for a business and put you in debt if you do not make enough money. There is also no benefit to paying back your loan early.

Complete the Application and Gather Paperwork

Most companies that offer business cash advances require you to fill out an online form. Unlike other loans, they typically do not require a lot of paperwork or even good credit. You also do not have to have several years in business to qualify. Instead of focusing on your credit scores and information, these companies are more concerned with how much you bring in with credit card transactions. The one thing you will have to show to get a cash advance is monthly credit card volume or $4,000 to $5,000. If your business does this amount regularly, a merchant cash advance may be an option.

Getting loans for your business does not have to be challenging. There are dozens of loans for small businesses that you might qualify for and could help your business. Keep in mind that every company is different and may need other loans. A cash advance is only one type, so if you are interested in other choices, research to see which ones suit your business best.