Tips for Improving Your Productivity

You have probably faced periods when your motivation falls and you don’t complete all the tasks you need to do each day. This is especially challenging if you work from home or have started a new business, where it seems like your task list grows by the second. Fortunately, you can improve your productivity by adopting a few time-management strategies.

Restructure Your Work Environment

Everything from your furniture to your wall color has an impact on your ability to focus and do your job. For example, create areas where you can move around. You may even create an exercise space. Getting your blood moving and getting away from your computer for short breaks greatly improves your focus and productivity.

Plants also provide clean air and improve the energy within a room. Give everything a place where it belongs. Your organization can make it easier to do your job efficiently, so keep your gadgets in their set place and make sure your desk stays clean. Don’t forget to add a little personalization.

Create a Prioritized List of Tasks

It is easy to get caught up in “working” without completing any one task. One way to prevent this is to make a list of the tasks you need to complete each day. Then, place them in order of their priority. In the morning, start with the highest priority task. Don’t move on to the next task until the first is complete. By prioritizing your tasks, you know you are completing those that are the most important.

Consider Time Blocking

Time blocking involves breaking your day into 25-minute blocks followed by short five-minute or so breaks. Most people can focus on a single task for 25 minutes, but after this period, the brain may begin to wander and you may get distracted. Therefore, during these blocks, you can be laser-focused, allowing you to get more done in each block.

During your breaks, get away from your task list and check your messages, take a short walk, get a snack or write down things you thought about during your work session that you want to look into or need to do.

Adopt Healthy Habits

First, you should get a full six to eight hours of sleep every night. A well-rested brain and body can improve your focus and efficiency. You should also exercise daily. Even if you just take a short walk, you increase your blood flow and output.

With a little planning and prioritizing, you can improve your productivity and achieve your daily goals.